Monday,11 Feb 2013


Justin Henderson is responsible for most of the the text on this site. Justin is an established writer, having published six novels as well as many non-fictions and travel guides. When he’s not writing, he’s usually riding waves on a surfboard or a paddleboard in Sayulita or Punta de Mita.


The streets of Sayulita are colorful, lively, and a pleasure to walk, whether you’re window-shopping, people-watching, or just out for a mind-clearing stroll (say, to the tienda to restock the refrigerator with beer and mangoes). The thing is, at times the sheer busyness of the downtown streets, and even the beach, can be a little overwhelming, and at times like these, when you want a quiet moment, there are several places to go. The beach at Los Muertos, or the north end of the North Sayulita beach are two reliably quiet spots. Another option is a stroll down a dirt path into the jungle, where you can pleasantly get lost in the green shade.

Sayulita Neighborhood Garden.jpg

Or you can seek out this verdant, stunningly beautiful little path curving sinuously down a hillside. It’s not at all far from downtown, and walking down it is a real pleasure. Or walking up. This garden path was created and planted, and has been nurtured, by the people who live alongside it, and to my eyes, they have done an inspiring job of turning what was once a dusty, difficult little hill to trudge up and down into one of the most beautiful walkways in town.

Sayulita Verdant Spot.jpg

You’ll find this garden path if you continue south along Avenida del Palmar, which parallels the beach one block in, and turns from cobbles to dirt at Calle Marlin. Continue up the little hill, and instead of turning right towards the beach and Villa Amor, go straight. A short block ahead, you’ll find the bottom of the path.

Sayulita Downtown Gardenview

Alternately, follow Revolucion south out of town, take the first right on Ninos Heroes, and then go right again at the second road off Ninos Heroes. This street is named Bugambilias, and its easy to find as there is a large boulder surrounded by a cactus garden in the middle of the intersection (another successful neighborhood beautification project). At the top of the hill, take the sharper right, and follow it to the end. You’ll be at the top of the path. Admire the wonderful view, wander down, and you might just find yourself slightly enchanted.