Vacation Rentals

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    View patios are a wonderful amenity -en-view-patios-are-a-wonderful-amenity-es-vistas-desde-los-patios-amenidad-maravillosa-
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    Pool with a view at a Sayulita rental house -en-pool-with-a-view-at-a-sayulita-rental-house-es-piscina-panormica-
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    A pretty rental house in Sayulita -en-a-pretty-rental-house-in-sayulita-es-bonita-casa-en-renta-

Vacation Rentals

For many, this is the only way to go in Sayulita: rent a fully-furnished private home, with yard, garden, patios, usually with air conditioning, possibly with a pool or view or both, in the hills, on the flats, or right on the beach. On the north side, especially, a string of large, gorgeous beachfront homes are available for rent by the week or longer.

There are also homes contained within compounds, providing enhanced security. Some are newer, some older, but almost every house in Sayulita is available for rent, with prices ranging from economical to sky high.

The houses in the hills offer some of the most amazing views in the world, while those down below offer the convenience of easy access to town and beach. If this is the route you want to take, you’ll surely find something you can afford, and that you will love for the week you live there.