Eat at home

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    Organic, fresh, brought straight from farm to market -en-organic-fresh-brought-straight-from-farm-to-market-es-orgnico-fresco-trado-directo-de-la-granja-al-mercado-
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    Fresh sauces of all kinds can be found at the market -en-fresh-sauces-of-all-kinds-can-be-found-at-the-market-es-salsas-frescas-de-todos-tipos-
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    Beautiful foods on display at the market -en-beautiful-foods-on-display-at-the-market-es-deliciosa-comida-en-el-mercado-
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    Organic sauces, condiments, and other goodies -en-organic-sauces-condiments-and-other-goodies-es-salsas-y-condimentos-orgnicos-y-ms-
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    Fresh vegetables at the Mercado del Pueblo -en-fresh-vegetables-at-the-mercado-del-pueblo-es-vegetales-frescos-en-el-mercado-del-pueblo-

Eat at home

At the weekly Mercado del Pueblo, shop for organic herbs, vegetables, baked goods, cheeses, and other delights straight from the farmer’s or artisan’s hands into yours. Now in its fourth year of operation, the high season market has become a Sayulita institution—not only a great place to taste and purchase fresh raw and/or cooked foods, but also a time and place for hearing music, socializing with friends old and new, learning about where our local foods are grown, created, and produced, and generally getting into the lore of the Sayulita food scene—a scene well worth exploring—and one that is expanding every year.

The emphasis on organic products has made the market a health food eater’s mecca, with a cornucopia of organic, locally- grown vegetables, herbs, spices, and even body and bath products. And don’t miss the organic coffee vendors—try a sample with a fresh-baked croissant, muffin, quiche, or spring roll. Indulge in a liquado or a smoothie, or a great sandwich made by a master meat chef from Argentina, the land of serious beef. Here in Sayulita, you can see where your food comes from.

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