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    Kids in a row, all snorkeled up -en-kids-in-a-row-all-snorkeled-up-es-nios-alineados-todos-con-snorkel-
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    Tools of the trade -en-tools-of-the-trade-es-herramientas-de-trabajo-
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    She’s ready to take the plunge -en-shes-ready-to-take-the-plunge-es-lista-para-sumergirse-


In Sayulita, you can put on a mask and snorkel and swim out where the surfers sit waiting for waves, and have a look around: schools of brightly-colored fish are everywhere. Head south around the point to Los Muertos Beach. Glide past the offshore rocks, and the brilliant flash of tropical fish will capture your eye. Every outcropping or undersea rock pile around Sayulita sports its own families of fish. When the sea is calm, sun shining, water clear, fish and undersea flora are everywhere, always in motion, explosions of lucid color lighting up the seascape. Pay a visit to this amazing, hidden world.

Should you want to take it a little deeper, book a diving session–there are divemasters here, with boats in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle or Punta Mita—and head around the Punta and out to the Mariettas, where you will find some of the best scuba diving around. The waters surrounding these islands are a marine sanctuary, which means there are countless fish around, as well as undersea tunnels and strange grottoes and other, endlessly intriguing places to investigate on the eternally mysterious bottom of the sea.

Swimming with the fish

The Mermaid Queen of has issued a proclamation:
- Right here in town, the rocks off Los Muertos often swarm with fish
- The best snorkeling (and diving) around can be found in the marine reserve encircling the Marietas Islands

Ways to get there

The Mermaid Queen and her friends here at like to dive from the decks of:
- Chica Locca, for comfort, partying, great food, all day snorkel, surf, and fishing trips all over the bay
- The pangas from Mictlan Surf School out of Anclote, for Marietas snorkeling and whalewatching as well as local surf tripping
- The posh pangas of Sayulita Entourage, for inspired Marietas Scuba Diving trips