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    A boy brings a fish to market -en-a-boy-brings-a-fish-to-market-es-nio-llevando-pescado-al-mercado-
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    These are the boats that bring them in -en-these-are-the-boats-that-bring-them-in-es-estos-son-lo-botes-pesqueros-
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    The waters off Sayulita are full of fish -en-the-waters-off-sayulita-are-full-of-fish-es-las-aguas-de-sayulita-estn-llenas-de-pescados-
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    Dorado, or mahi-mahi, is a fabulous eating fish -en-dorado-or-mahi-mahi-is-a-fabulous-eating-fish-es-dorado-o-mahi-mahi-delicioso-para-comer-


When you live close to the land and sea, fresh is best, and here in Sayulita, it’s the operative word, especially for fish. On the beach, buy tuna, or huachinango, and other local fish right off the boat, or hire a boat, head out, and reel them in yourself. Dive for oysters, or buy them on the half shell from vendors on the beach. Do it yourself, or dine out: the restaurants offer nothing but the freshest, whether you choose it cooked, in sushi form, or as ceviche, a sublime local dish in which the fish is “cooked” (no heat required) in lime juice with chile and spice. Ceviche is always fresh and delicious, and is served everywhere.