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    Blue-green waves call with a siren song

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    A sea-bound flight of pure pleasure

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    Marriage, a leap of faith into balmy seas

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Swimming in warm salt water is one of more sublime pleasures to be had in this world, and there is no water more perfectly warm and buoyantly salty than Sayulita’s. Plunge in and take a swim, long or short, bodysurfing in the breaking waves or out further, where on a windless day you can swim forever, or so it feels…then turn on your back and gaze up at the sky, and you’ll feel you are up there, afloat amidst the clouds.

In the Swim

The would-be dolphins at Sayulitabeach.com say:

- Swim anywhere, but the water is clearest at Los Muertos
- The sea is calm and great for swimming along the Sayulita north beach unless there is a swell, which can bring large, scary shorebreak waves and riptides
- Downtown’s lively waters are great for bodysurfing and water play