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    A 1960s VW van, symbol of the hostel life -en-a-1960s-vw-van-symbol-of-the-hostel-life-es-una-combi-1960-smbolo-de-la-vida-de-hostal-
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    Backyard deck, pool and climbing wall -en-backyard-deck-pool-and-climbing-wall-es-terraza-piscina-y-pared-de-escalar-


Sayulita’s tradition of hospitably welcoming everybody to town is surely made most evident by the presence of some half a dozen hostels around town. You can’t quite get beachfront quarters in a hostel, but you can get damn close, for just ten or twenty dollars a day, if you don’t mind sharing quarters with a few of your pals, or maybe some new pals you met on the bus, on the beach, at one of the waterfront bars.

During holidays, especially, when the college kids are cut loose, Sayulita’s hostels become home for dozens, if not hundreds, of young people ready to party. It gets wild but it never gets dangerous, and the hostels provide many of the revelers with all they need to have a mind-expanding party vacation.