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    Hard at work, catching some rays -en-hard-at-work-catching-some-rays-es-trabajo-duro-atrapando-los-rayos-del-sol-
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    Freedom on a sunstruck beach -en-freedom-on-a-sunstruck-beach-es-libertad-en-una-playa-llena-de-sol-
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    There’s nothing like baking in the sun with a good book -en-theres-nothing-like-baking-in-the-sun-with-a-good-book-es-nada-como-asolearse-con-un-buen-libro-
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    Seats, sunshine, shades; pretty maids all in a row -en-seats-sunshine-shades-pretty-maids-all-in-a-row-es-sillas-sol-gafas-oscuras-doncellas-bonitas-todo-en-uno-


Come down from the chilly north and raise your body temperature: put out a lounge chair or towel, sunscreen up, warm your bones and bronze your skin tones. Sayulita is a colorful pageant of pagan sun worship, of beauties in bikinis and muscled bodies. Lay yourself down and toast a while.

Destination Bronze

Seeking the perfect shade of bronze, the former palefaces at head to:

- Playa Los Muertos, where you’ll find quiet, sunny sands just ten minutes walk from downtown
- The less-populated strands at the north end of North Sayulita’s long beach
- Sayulita’s town beach to play beach blanket bingo with a fun-filled crew of locals and visitors

Luxury Lounging

The lazybones beach bums at find their luxury lounging at:

- Don Pedro, with comfy lounge chairs, full bar, and food service on the downtown beach
- El Break Café, home of the best beachside deck in town, a great healthy menu, beach chairs, bar, loungers
- Capitan Cook, where you get lunch and cocktails while soaking the rays just a few feet from the incoming waves