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    A finned beauty -en-a-finned-beauty-es-una-belleza-con-aletas-
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    Fishing can be a tranquil, sunny experience -en-fishing-can-be-a-tranquil-sunny-experience-es-pescar-puede-ser-una-experiencia-tranquila-y-soleada-
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    Hook a dorado for a real thrill -en-hook-a-dorado-for-a-real-thrill-es-atrape-un-dorado-
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    A girl and her catch -en-a-girl-and-her-catch-es-chica-con-su-pesca-
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    Happy anglers on Sayulita beach -en-happy-anglers-on-sayulita-beach-es-felices-pescadores-en-la-playa-
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    A fisherman poised to fling his net into the waves -en-a-fisherman-poised-to-fling-his-net-into-the-waves-es-pescador-listo-para-arrojar-la-red-a-las-olas-
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    Sayulita's north beach is a popular spot for fishermen -en-sayulitas-north-beach-is-a-popular-spot-for-fishermen-es-playa-norte-lugar-popular-para-pescar-
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    A fisherman emerging from the water with fish -en-a-fisherman-emerging-from-the-water-with-fish-es-pescador-saliendo-del-agua-con-su-pesca-


Cast away, and catch something. Cast from the beach or from a boat, drop a line or throw out a lure. The fishing around Sayulita can be spectacular. Hire a boat and head out to sea, you might come home with a hundred-pound tuna, a shiny dorado, half a dozen huachinango. Hit the beach early and fish with the surfers and the surf fishermen, flinging their lines from shore into waves, less concerned with the catch, but completely enraptured, in the moment, on the beach.

Where to Hook ‘Em

The amazing anglers at reel them most often when:
- Surf fishing off the sands, North Sayulita Beach
- Boating anywhere in the Bay of Banderas, on a chartered boat, for dorado, jacks, and others; oft-times the big tuna hang out down near Quimixto on the bay’s south shore

Best Boat Bets

- Enrique Moeller’s restroom-equipped panga, La Morena, moored in La Cruz; he knows his fish
- Sayulita Jose will guide you from Sayulita Beach to the happy fishing grounds