Socializing (Nightlife)

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    Gathered for drinks and dining at a sidewalk café -en-gathered-for-drinks-and-dining-at-a-sidewalk-caf-es-reunin-para-beber-y-cenar-en-un-caf-en-la-banqueta-
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    Dancing up a storm at a beachfront bar -en-dancing-up-a-storm-at-a-beachfront-bar-es-bailando-una-tormenta-en-un-bar-playero-
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    Sayulita dance parties go on into the nigh -en-sayulita-dance-parties-go-on-into-the-nigh-es-las-fiestas-de-sayulita-hasta-adentrada-la-noche-
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    Guest DJ Electra Belle rocks the scene at Club Camaron -en-guest-dj-electra-belle-rocks-the-scene-at-club-camaron-es-dj-electra-belle-en-escena-en-club-camarn-

Socializing (Nightlife)

We all know there is plenty to do here in Sayulita, all day long—but know too that those who want to keep it going into the night will find a number of places to linger when the evening stretches into tomorrow, and the dance gets a little sexier. On the beach, both north and south of the river there are beachfront bars that rock late into the night, often featuring live music, and if not live, a great DJ with a rocking sound system hitting the air with techno, rave, even oldies for those enamored of 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and/or 00s music. It’s all available on the shores of Sayulita, out front of these nightlife places, where on many a soft, warm evening you’ll find people dancing on a moonlight beach.

And in town you’ll find a couple of late night spots around the plaza and on a few side streets, maybe up a flight of redlit stairs, maybe spilling out into the street…these are romantic spots where you can indulge in that last cerveza, margarita, vino tinto, or whatever your thirsty heart desires, while you make new friends, even find new love. Night owls and late night wanderers all: know that you don’t have to go to bed with the sun, that you can stay up all night carousing by the light of the Sayulita moon, should you so desire.

Inspired Imbibing

Buddha Mar (322-135-0822,

Don Pato (no phone or website)

Camarones (329-291-3373)

El Tigre (no phone or website)

Don Pedro’s (329-291-3090,

Terrazola (329-291-3619)

Escondido (329-291-3613,

Sayulita Public House (329-291-3712)