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    Huichol performing a blessing ceremony -en-huichol-performing-a-blessing-ceremony-es-huichol-en-ceremonia-
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    The Huichol world is different, you can see it in their eyes -en-the-huichol-world-is-different-you-can-see-it-in-their-eyes-es-el-mundo-huichol-es-diferente-puede-verlo-en-sus-ojos-
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    Huichol ceremonial hats are decorated with bird feathers -en-huichol-ceremonial-hats-are-decorated-with-bird-feathers-es-sombreros-ceremoniales-huichol-decorados-con-plumas-
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    Fancy-dress women riding the ring at a Sayulita rodeo -en-fancy-dress-women-riding-the-ring-at-a-sayulita-rodeo-es-adelita-en-la-charreada-
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    Huichol in full ceremonial garb come down from the hills -en-huichol-in-full-ceremonial-garb-come-down-from-the-hills-es-huichol-en-traje-ceremonial-
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    Huichol man in a ceremonial sombrero -en-huichol-man-in-a-ceremonial-sombrero-es-hombre-huichol-con-sombrero-ceremonial-


Long before the Spaniards, and the Mexicans, and the visitors of today, a different tribe inhabited the lands of Nayarit, the Mexican state that is home to Sayulita. That tribe was, and is, the Huichol, resident in this region for thousands of years. You’ll see them around Sayulita, wearing white trimmed with brilliant reds and other colors, selling yarn paintings and beadwork on the streets, and in several of the shops and galleries around town. The artwork is inspired by their cosmology, and that elegant, complex cosmology is, in turn, inspired by use of peyote, the psychedelic cactus sacred to the tribe.

Cool places:

To find authentic Huichol work shop at Galeria Tanana, Las Hamacas, or the store at Hotel Playa Escondida.

Galeria Tanana (329-291-3889, the offers everything Huichol, and more; colorful, fabulous, and non-profit.

La Hamaca (322-227-5817) in downtown Sayulita has a Huichol selection, plus lots of other fine/folk art.

Hotel Playa Escondida (329 291 3019, has a collection of authentic Huichol work for sale.