Gated Communities

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    The first casas at Punta Sayulita, nearing completion -en-the-first-casas-at-punta-sayulita-nearing-completion-es-las-primera-casas-de-punta-sayulita-casi-listas-
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    The houses at Punta Sayulita, seen from Sayulita beach -en-the-houses-at-punta-sayulita-seen-from-sayulita-beach-es-casas-en-punta-sayulita-vistas-desde-playa-sayulita-
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    Punta Sayulita casas feature large verandahs, great views -en-punta-sayulita-casas-feature-large-verandahs-great-views-es-las-casas-de-punta-sayulita-incluyen-grandes-barandales-
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    A lovely view of Sayulita from Punta Sayulita -en-a-lovely-view-of-sayulita-from-punta-sayulita-es-hermosa-vista-de-sayulita-desde-punta-sayulita-
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    The Punta Sayulita peninsula will contain 62 homes -en-the-punta-sayulita-peninsula-will-contain-62-homes-es-la-pennsula-de-punta-sayulita-albergar-62-casas-
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    The multi-level pool and poolside bar at the beach club -en-the-multi-level-pool-and-poolside-bar-at-the-beach-club-es-el-bar-y-la-piscina-multinivel-punta-sayulita-

Gated Communities

If you’ve got the bucks, at least consider the possibility. There have been gated communities in Mexico for years, and in our own region much of Punta Mita has been tucked in behind guarded gates for several decades now, providing those in search of the tranquility of secured isolation and solitude their place in our sun. Now a gated community has come to Sayulita—Punta Sayulita, on a verdant, hilly peninsula south of town.

Currently under construction, this community will offer wealthy people a chance to buy into the neighborhood while also buying into the kind of private, secure luxury they feel most comfortable with. It’s not for everyone (neither are the campground or the hostel, at the other end of the economic rainbow), but it will be home, part or full-time, for some.

All the rest of us can do is welcome them to the community. From what we’ve all seen of the plans and the houses already under construction, with their Balinese–inspired designs, it should be a fabulous place to live, and not bad to look at either.

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