Make your own tracks

Take a path apart from the herd. Dream virgin waves, find them, ride them. This is Sayulita. Is it for you?

A breath of fresh air?

Re-invent yourself, for a day or a week. Dive in. Breathe tropical air. Wash away weary karma in a warm sea. This is Sayulita. Is it for you?

Be yourself!

Hippie or poet, cowgirl or yogi, surfer or sailor, diver or dancer? Freedom to choose. Be them all. Be yourself. This is Sayulita. Is it for you?

Meet real people

Little pretense, big hearts, open minds, natural souls–intuitive, grounded, real people. Share warm abrazos (hugs), catch a whiff of romance, feel the pulse of a small pueblo…Sayulita’s heartbeat, is it for you?

Sayulita, a world apart

Sayulita: warm, sophisticated, sexy. Undeniably cool, yet hot as a headline…even a little strange. Join our circus! Sayulita is for you.