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    Tenderness at sea

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    After the wedding, the magic begins

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    Love in the jungle

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Even if you didn’t get married here, though many do and none regret it, there are few places more romantic than Sayulita for a honeymoon. The gorgeous sunsets, the quiet, secret beaches for walking, swimming, and being alone together, waterfront candlelit dinners, sailing trips, and everything else you can choose to do here in Sayulita all conspire to assure that a honeymoon here will be nothing less than memorable. There are hotels here, such as the Playa Escondida, that will transform your honeymoon into an amazing romantic adventure.

Heavenly Honeymoon Hotels

There is no more romantic destination for a secluded, sensual honeymoon than Hotel Playa Escondida (329 291 3019, playa-escondida.com), five minutes and a million miles from town.

If you want to be near town, the Villa Amor (329 291 3010, hotelvillaamorsayulita.com) has some of the most beautiful bedrooms any honeymooner would ever desire to land in.