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    Artisans sell arts and crafts on Calle Gaviotas -en-artisans-sell-arts-and-crafts-on-calle-gaviotas-es-artesanos-vendiendo-arte-y-artesanas-en-calle-gaviotas-
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    The Mercado del Pueblo happens every Friday -en-the-mercado-del-pueblo-happens-every-friday-es-el-mercado-del-pueblo-cada-viernes-
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    Fine art for sale at the Mercado del Pueblo -en-fine-art-for-sale-at-the-mercado-del-pueblo-es-arte-fino-a-la-venta-en-el-mercado-del-pueblo-
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    Mercado del Pueblo offers jewelry, food, and more -en-mercado-del-pueblo-offers-jewelry-food-and-more-es-el-mercado-ofrece-joyera-comida-y-ms-
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    Mercado del Pueblo’s new location -en-mercado-del-pueblos-new-location-es-nueva-ubicacin-del-mercado-del-pueblo-
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    Fresh nopal for on the spot snacking -en-fresh-nopal-for-on-the-spot-snacking-es-nopales-frescos-para-botanear-


Tianguis is a word derived from the ancient local language, Nahuatl, and it refers to open air, temporary markets. There are tianguis all over Mexico every day of the week, but we are focusing on two here. One is Sayulita’s, which takes place every Sunday on a two block stretch of Calle Gaviotas; in the first block you’ll find under the temporary canvas or plastic shelters along the street mostly mass-produced toys, clothes, plastic goods, cheap electronics, and shoes. You’ll also find some great snack foods and delightfully refreshing liquados.. In the second block you’ll find a great selection of hand-crafted jewelry, and fine woven blankets and tablecloths as well as pottery, masks, and other arts and crafts from Tlaquepaque, Tonala, and other craft centers. This market is well worth a walk-through, and who knows, you might find some gorgeous gifts to take home.

The biggest and liveliest tianguis in the region takes place in La Penita de Jaltemba, a busy market town on the beach about half an hour north of Sayulita. Here, (especially in high season from November to April), you will discover numerous vendors selling authentic arts, crafts, clothing, and foodstuffs from all over Mexico. It’s a great day trip from Sayulita; while you’re there, you can indulge in a lot of great, low-priced food, and possibly come home to Sayulita with carved wooden masks, handwoven rugs or baskets, even well-made and incredibly cheap functional items like lime squeezers, tortilla warmers, or juicers. The La Penita Tianguis is a shopper’s dream come true, where everything is on sale, all the time, at an unbeatable price.

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