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    A perfect pose on a perfect site -en-a-perfect-pose-on-a-perfect-site-es-pose-perfecta-en-un-sitio-perfecto-
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    Breathing well brings well being -en-breathing-well-brings-well-being-es-respirar-bien-es-bienestar-
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    Group yoga at Playa Escondida -en-group-yoga-at-playa-escondida-es-grupo-de-yoga-en-playa-escondida-


With hot room, high speed, super-strenuous styles of yoga somewhat the rage, yoga is perhaps not as relaxing as a massage or a spa treatment, but aficionados will tell you it will get you there, into the land of well-being. In recent years Sayulita has emerged as a serious yoga center, with several world-class studios, great instructors, and a variety of styles and types of yoga taught all over town. Whatever kind of yoga you like, chances are you’ll find a class or a teacher here to help you learn a new pose, or some new moves. You can do yoga in the studio, in your hotel, on the beach at sunrise or sunset, even while standing on a paddleboard on a calm sea. For true aficionados, there are weeklong retreats which include hotel and meals, as much yoga as you can do daily, and in some instances, yoga alternating with surfing every day.

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