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    Kitesurfing aerials, huge thrills for experts only -en-kitesurfing-aerials-huge-thrills-for-experts-only-es-emocionantes-acrobacias-areas-solo-para-profesionales-
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    Don’t try this until you’re an expert -en-dont-try-this-until-youre-an-expert-es-no-intente-esto-a-menos-que-sea-un-experto-


Strong winds are rare in Sayulita, but there is almost always enough wind to get a sailboat moving. And for those dedicated to riding the wind on a boat, or a sailboard, or a kiteboard, there are places nearby where the wind blows hard on an almost daily basis. In Bucerias, less than half an hour away, the thermals come up every afternoon, usually blowing side-onshore, and thus providing great opportunities for kiteboarding and sailboarding. There are shops there with all the gear you’ll need for either activity, with lessons available for those who want to learn. Sailing in Bahia Banderas is fantastic, with dolphins and whales (in season) to watch, and almost always enough wind to get your boat on the move. You’ll find charter options in the marina at La Cruz de Huanacaxtle.

Best places

Pacific Paddle (329-298-1057,, Bucerias, will get you in the air with kiteboarding lessons, rentals, sales

Fly away

Bucerias in the afternoon, when the thermals come up, is as good as it gets in the region