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    Ready to shred the concrete hills -en-ready-to-shred-the-concrete-hills-es-listo-para-despedazar-las-colinas-de-concreto-
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    Ramped up, making a freestyle move -en-ramped-up-making-a-freestyle-move-es-en-la-rampa-haciendo-estilo-libre-
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    Helmets are a wise choice for young skaters -en-helmets-are-a-wise-choice-for-young-skaters-es-cascos-indispensables-para-los-jvenes-eskatos-


Hey, skateboarders (and parents thereof), Sayulita wants you! Bring your boards! In the past couple of years, Sayulita streets that were mud-wallows in rainy season summer and dusty roads the rest of the year are now paved, smooth, and ready for your wheels. There are dozens of skaters in Sayulita these days, shredding the hills and conquering the curbs and ramps. Bring your board and join the party, which will soon be getting bigger and better, when our skatepark moves from dream to reality.

Cool wheels

Stonefish Skate Shop (322-149 6229) on Miramar, is the spot for custom boards, cool threads