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    Pick up a shell for remembrance -en-pick-up-a-shell-for-remembrance-es-recoja-una-concha-para-un-bonito-recuerdo-
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    Sayulita’s North Beach is great for quiet strolls -en-sayulitas-north-beach-is-great-for-quiet-strolls-es-excelentes-caminatas-en-la-playa-norte-de-sayulita-
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    Seaside curves comes in many varieties -en-seaside-curves-comes-in-many-varieties-es-curvas-al-lado-del-mar-en-diferentes-variedades-


Walking the beach inspires: watch birds wheeling and diving into waves crumbling onto shores where shells glitter like gold in the sun. Watch people, or walk alone. Busy beaches offer the possibility of chance interaction; on others enjoy the quiet pleasures of solitude. Then the sun goes down in a blaze, the warm wind blows–at the magic, twilight hour, walking a Sayulita beach, you’ll find that you have strolled into paradise.

Walking with the waves

Our sand-striding surf-watchers say:
- Walk the North Sayulita Beach and on to Malpaso for a solitary, dreamy experience.
- Hike through the jungle to Carrecitos and explore an untrafficked stretch of wave-pummeled sand.
- Head to Anclote and stroll out towards Punta Mita to comb for shells and coral.