Trailer Parks

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    Chilling out at the trailer park by the beach -en-chilling-out-at-the-trailer-park-by-the-beach-es-relajndose-en-el-campo-de-casas-rodantes-
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    Trailer park life can be sweet in Sayulita -en-trailer-park-life-can-be-sweet-in-sayulita-es-la-vida-dulce-en-sayulita-

Trailer Parks

One of Sayulita’s fine lodging traditions is the Sayulita Trailer Park, which has been operating for many years in its palmy waterfront site on the north side of town. There are many folks who return to the same spot in the park, year after year, some even leaving their trailers permanently, while others choose to drive down annually.

There are also a number of spots available on a reservation basis, even first come, first served, but we highly recommend reservations: this is one of Sayulita’s great bargain lodging options, just five minutes’ walk from downtown. The owners also have several modest bungalows and cabinas for rent, most with partial or full kitchens; a couple of them directly overlook the beach and The Left, one of Sayulita’s two surf spots.

Sayulita Trailer Park: for further information on rates, dates, and all the rest, go to the website