Trail Horse Ride

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    There’s nothing like riding down the beach on horseback -en-theres-nothing-like-riding-down-the-beach-on-horseback-es-nada-como-cabalgar-en-la-playa-
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    The jungle awaits your visit -en-the-jungle-awaits-your-visit-es-el-bosque-espera-su-visita-
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    Exploring the jungle on horseback -en-exploring-the-jungle-on-horseback-es-explore-el-bosque-a-caballo-
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    Taking the plunge into the jungle -en-taking-the-plunge-into-the-jungle-es-sumergindose-dentro-de-el-bosque-
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    Horseback riding is a great family or group activity -en-horseback-riding-is-a-great-family-or-group-activity-es-cabalgar-es-una-gran-actividad-familiar-o-de-grupo-
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    A romantic ride down the sands -en-a-romantic-ride-down-the-sands-es-paseo-romntico-por-las-arenas-

Trail Horse Ride

The jungled hills and verdant vales that surround and shelter Sayulita are laced with trails, and there are horses aplenty to be ridden. You can begin or end with a canter down the beach, even splashing into the waves on horseback. Along with everything else—surfers, fishermen, tourists, hippies–Sayulita is a cowboy town, a rancho town, and there are expert caballeros aplenty to get you on a horse and take you and your friends and family deep into the jungle or up into the hills. The secret network of Sayulita trails awaits the seeker of equestrian adventure.

Best places

Hotel Playa Escondida (329 291 3019, provides horses and guides for beach and jungle trail rides

Rancho Manuel (322-132-7683), with caballeros to lead you, offers beach and forest trail rides around Sayulita