Hotels & Resorts

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    A pool in paradise at Hotel Playa Escondida -en-a-pool-in-paradise-at-hotel-playa-escondida-es-piscina-paradisiaca-en-hotel-playa-escondida-
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    The Moroccan-style entry to Le Petit Hotel Hafa -en-the-moroccan-style-entry-to-le-petit-hotel-hafa-es-entrada-de-estilo-marroqu-del-hotel-hafa-
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    Entry, Hotelito los Suenos, North Sayulita -en-entry-hotelito-los-suenos-north-sayulita-es-entrada-a-hotelito-los-sueos-parte-norte-

Hotels & Resorts

Sayulita’s lodging options begin with an array of hotels ranging from the hidden, rustic luxury of Hotel Playa Escondida to the downtown, just-off-the-plaza charm of Le Petit Hotel Hafa. There are hotels on the beach and on the hills, right in town and out on the edges. You can spend a few hundred dollars a day, or less than twenty, and get a comfortable room within walking distance of the beach and town.