Beach cafes

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    Cafes line the sands of Sayulita Beach -en-cafes-line-the-sands-of-sayulita-beach-es-cafs-en-las-playas-de-sayulita-
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    This North Sayulita restaurant overlooks the sand and sea -en-this-north-sayulita-restaurant-overlooks-the-sand-and-sea-es-restaurante-frente-al-mar-al-norte-de-sayulita-
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    Al fresco dining, north side beach -en-al-fresco-dining-north-side-beach-es-comiendo-al-fresco-playa-norte-
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    An improvised dining room on the sands -en-an-improvised-dining-room-on-the-sands-es-comedor-improvisado-sobre-la-playa-
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    El Break Cafe on the sands of the town beach -en-el-break-cafe-on-the-sands-of-the-town-beach-es-caf-el-break-en-la-arena-de-la-playa-del-pueblo-
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    A deck with a view overlooking the downtown beach -en-a-deck-with-a-view-overlooking-the-downtown-beach-es-camastros-con-vista-sobre-la-playa-del-centro-

Beach cafes

Burgers on the Beach

Not just burgers, but shrimp, tacos, tequila, margaritas, cervezas, and anything else you might want to indulge in can be delivered to your umbrella-sheltered table or lounge chair along Sayulita’s main beach, for it is lined with great beach cafes of all kinds. Beginning with the excellent Don Pedro’s at the south end, you’ll find half a dozen restaurants in a row, all of them offering open air inside seating, table and chairs in the sand, and best of all for those intent on serious lounging while dining and drinking, chaise lounges with side tables pulled down the beach close to the high tide line. Here, you can relax within easy reach of the waves, watch the world swim past, and eat and drink to your heart’s content.

Along with Don Pedro’s, El Break Cafe, El Costeno, Capitan Cook, Capitan Pablo, and El Paraiso all serve full meals all day long along the beach, and there are countless vendors offering tamales, lasagna, shrimp, doughnuts, oysters, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, ice cream, candy, cookies, and home-made potato chips—this being Mexico, these home made chips are served with a hot sauce option; you can mix up your order from the restaurant with some stuff from the vendors, and really go eclectic.

On the north side, you’ll find Club Camaron and La Terrazola both overlooking and spilling out onto the beach; an informal, canvas covered-canopy restaurant out front of Terrazola that serves great fish and shrimp off the grill, and La Sirena a little further up the beach, not only doing drinks and food but also renting boogie boards, paddleboards, and surfboards.

This adds up to a splendid assortment of options, should you want to dine, drink, and/or party on the sand, by the waves and wheeling birds over Sayulita Bay. After riding a few, you can watch the waves roll in, and watch them roll out again, while feasting on barbecued shrimp backed by a cold cerveza.

Seaside Dining

El Break overlooking the town beach for Mediterranean breakfast, great location

Don Pedro’s(329-291-3090, overlooking the town beach for Mexican-influenced international gourmet dining