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    The ultimate in healthy relaxation -en-the-ultimate-in-healthy-relaxation-es-lo-ltimo-en-relajacin-saludable-


In Sayulita, spas are everywhere. Find one, and indulge in a massage, a facial, a manicure and pedicure, a full-body mudpack, or perhaps some fine pagan ritual designed to cleanse your karma. Sweat our your worries in the purifying heat of a temezcal, the Mexican version of a Native American sweat lodge. Lounge in a hot tub under the stars, while the warm jets work your muscles. Or do nothing at all. In Sayulita, anything is possible. Nothing is also possible: the nothing of lazing away on a warm, breezy afternoon in a hammock.

Best places

Hotel Playa Escondida features an utterly gorgeous, alluring spa. Reservations only (329 291 3641,