Tuesday,22 Apr 2014



Mexico’s traditional “spring break”, Semana Santa, saw a huge influx of visitors to our town. The baseball field was turned into a gigantic parking lot for over 50 buses and hundreds of cars. Many more buses were seen at the entrance to town, in all more than 100. Many areas of the beach and town were converted into temporary campgrounds.

Some people feel this to be an intrusion on the peace and tranquility of the pueblo, but most of us welcomed our fellow citizens from the interior highlands of Mexico who descend on the beaches to celebrate springtime every Easter week. Virtually every little village in Mexico sends a rickety bus to the nearest beach but Sayulita these days is attracting mostly young people from the cities who come to take in the sun, bathe in the ocean and party in the streets.

If you weren’t here or stayed home to avoid the crowds, take a look at our video to see what you missed. Lots of fun!