Thursday,7 Jan 2016

If you see the old-fashioned movie marquee on the southwest corner of the plaza in Sayulita, and wander over to check on the schedule for the movie called “Esto Es Mexico,” you’ll quickly discover—that this ain’t no theater. No movie theater anyway…but it is a kind of theater—a studio and theater of color and whimsy and original Mexican art, created by the owners of the store. Esto Es Mexico. The creators of this magical, riotously colorful little place are Belen Sandovan and Cesar Godoy, from Guadalajara. They moved here 8 years ago, have kids and friends and a life here, and they have the shop, where the work is made and displayed and sold. > Read more


Tuesday,5 Jan 2016

One of the most striking birds in the skies of Sayulita is the frigate, that fork-tailed, architecturally-sculpted beauty that we watch sailing on high on the thermals overhead, all day long. They drop down to scan the waters and waves and beach for food, but mostly, they soar, high overhead, magnificent in their perfect airborne aloofness. Except when the fishermen at the south end of the Sayulita town beach clean the dead baitfish and other stuff out of their nets, providing a feast for the local avian population. That’s when the gulls, pelicans, and frigates gather round, swooping down to snatch the fish off the beach, and we can get a closer look at them. > Read more


Friday,1 Jan 2016

Along with surfing, paddleboarding, partying, sailing, hiking, horseback riding, beachcombing, sunbathing, dining and generally having way too much vacation fun, people come to Sayulita to learn and study—Spanish!! A foreign language! Yes, you can show up in town and if you want to learn a new language, or at least get started or farther along in your studies, there are people here to teach you this wonderful language, the language of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Pablo Neruda, and Garcia Lorca, among other literary noteworthies. Amazing and inspiring writers all, and if you learn Spanish you can read them in the original, and you can also learn how to ask for the check at the restaurant, and also where is the bathroom. This is important stuff. > Read more