Saturday,24 Jan 2015

Por segundo año consecutivo, la fusión de Cine, Música, Trago & Surf puso en jaque la aparente tranquilidad de Sayulita. > Read more


Tuesday,6 Jan 2015

Le Petit Hotel Hafa lies just a few doors down from Sayulita’s plaza and its often hectic scene, but it feels a world away. Owner Christophe Mignot describes the colorful, inviting Hafa as a mix of “Mediterranean, Morocccan, and Mexican” design elements, and he has it right. Airy, bright, and surprisingly spacious-feeling (considering its small size), the Hafa effortlessly conjures Mediterranean ambience, while the keyhole cutouts and doorways evoke Morocco; in fact, the name, Hafa, comes from a café in Marrakhesh much loved by Christophe and his wife, Marina. > Read more

Monday,5 Jan 2015

During the high season, many evenings as sunset approaches everybody in Sayulita hears a distant mechanical buzz coming from the north, growing louder and louder by the second. Those of us who live here know that sound, and know what’s making it. The Sayulita Air Force, which is to say, a Canadian guy named Johnny Vinge, who lives most of the year here in Sayulita with his wife Monique and three kids. > Read more