Monday,10 Feb 2014

This is the first in an intermittent series of blogs about unusual fruits, and maybe a few vegetables, that we find in Mexico and not in the US or Canada. At this point, thanks to refrigerated truck travel and other gas-guzzling, global-warming conveniences, we are all quite familiar with the usual suspects, as far as tropical fruit goes: begin with your now-universal banana, throw in the mangoes, pineapples, and papayas, and it would seem that gringos sort of know their way around what grows on trees down here. > Read more


Friday,7 Feb 2014

Devoted readers of will have noted that our blog has not been updated for the past two weeks. > Read more


Thursday,6 Feb 2014

Sayulita Beach is possessed of great natural beauty. Of this there can be no doubt. Gorgeous swaying palms, dramatically breaking waves on the shore, birds wheeling, fish leaping, the moonrise, the jungle-draped hills, the sunsets—and all the rest of what makes Sayulita magic. > Read more