Thursday,31 Oct 2013

In our ongoing search for waves and beaches around here that have something new to offer in the way of waves, walks, fewer or larger crowds, less or more of this or that, we recently went to a place called Stinky’s. This doesn’t sound too attractive as a destination, obviously, but this is a surfer nickname and surfers often come up short on poetic nicknames for surf spots. So: Stinky’s it is. A little east of Anclote Beach, heading into Bahia Banderas, just past the last jetty, and the last heap of beachfront condos that should never have been built, the beach stretches into the distance, towards La Lancha. > Read more


Friday,25 Oct 2013

Orangy Smoothy, a sweet little juice bar on Jose Mariscal, the “food court” street that runs behind the plaza back towards the bridge, is one of our faves for great vegetable or fruit smoothies, juices, shakes, protein balls and other healthy mixes of fruits and vegetables. Along with the blended beverages, assorted available extras listed on a wall menu provide a jolt of protein, cleansing, or whatever your body needs or desires. > Read more


Monday,21 Oct 2013

Sayulita’s line-up of great taco joints just keeps expanding, and this one—El Itacate–definitely makes the list. For those who love their tacos on the meaty side, this is the best place to get ‘em, in the downtown zone near the plaza. Located on the stretch of Revolucion (the street is also called Jose Mariscal on this back side of the plaza) leading out of town, El Itacate, which loosely translates as “the doggy bag” or “food to go”, dishes either corn or flour tortillas heaped with generous servings of high quality rib eye, arrachera, sirloin, and other beefy delights, as well as a great selection of vegetarian, fish, pork and chicken tacos. > Read more


Tuesday,15 Oct 2013

We covered the seasonal streams of Sayulita in a recent story, but we have yet to mention, or to show people, what happens to Sayulita’s main beach in the rainy season. One thing that happens is what you see here: The “point,” that rocky bed that defines the space between the town surfing wave or “right” and the north beach surfing wave, or “left is completely buried by tons of sand washed down the river by the frequent rainstorms of August and September. > Read more


Saturday,12 Oct 2013

The increasingly lively and competitive world of stand-up paddleboard racing—not surfing on waves, but speed and distance racing on specialized boards—came to nearby Punta Mita’s Anclote Beach last weekend, as a seasoned crew of paddlers, some with international reputations, others just locals along for the fun, got together and held a race. Over two dozen paddlers signed up and paddled a tough 8-kilometer course, including pro racers like Fernando Stalla, and also half a dozen women, which is great to see—this is a sport for everybody! > Read more


Monday,7 Oct 2013

In high season, Sayulita’s Sunday Market, or Tianguis, offers visitors a chance to browse and shop for interesting and beautiful ethnic and traditional crafts from all over Mexico—pottery, woven blankets, hats, wool animals, shirts, shoes, sculpted maskss, and all manner of cool Mexican stuff. This is what visiting shoppers look for, and the market does a fine job of making it available. > Read more


Wednesday,2 Oct 2013

There are numerous types of birds that pass through this north side Sayulita neighborhood on a regular basis, and you’ve seen a few of them in the blog. However, there is some seasonal variation to the bird scene here on Calle Chiripas; for example I can’t quite figure out why the huge flock of orange-fronted parakeets that was hanging out in the trees by our house just disappeared a few weeks ago. > Read more