Friday,7 Feb 2014



Devoted readers of SayulitaBeach.com will have noted that our blog has not been updated for the past two weeks.

Unfortunately, Justin Henderson, our talented writer, is gravely ill. Justin contacted the H1N1 flu virus which rapidly progressed to pneumonia. He was treated in Puerto Vallarta for a few days then airlifted to Guadalajara where he is in intensive care at the Angeles del Carmen Hospital.

Justin’s wife, Donna Day, our wonderful photographer, is with him as well as their daughter, Jade.

As you can imagine, the hospitalization and associated costs of this are a great burden for them. The community of Sayulita as well as friends from everywhere have united to help.

If you would like to help we encourage you to visit the following site along with the rest of their supporters: http://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/justin-donna-and-jade-fund/135074

From SayulitaBeach we send our warmest thoughts, wishing you a rapid recovery; and for us the opportunity to read more of your perceptive and entertaining writing soon.