Thursday,26 Dec 2013


Justin Henderson is responsible for most of the the text on this site. Justin is an established writer, having published six novels as well as many non-fictions and travel guides. When he’s not writing, he’s usually riding waves on a surfboard or a paddleboard in Sayulita or Punta de Mita.


We welcome the arrival any new business offering bicycles and accessories for sale or rent. There are already too many cars, golf carts, and ATVs in town, and anyone who shows up with a non-motorized form of transportation should be welcomed with open arms. We know there have been mountain bikes and even beach cruisers available for rent here and there, and there are a couple of repair places along Miramar, but what our new guy offers is something more.

The new guy is Baldomero Miguel, who arrived here from Mexico City about 5 months ago. Baldomero hails from Spain originally, and has worked in the bike business all his life, he says. What he has on offer at Sayubicla, his little shop on Revolucion, on the right across from CVIS as you come into town, are all kinds of bikes for rent on an hourly, daily, and weekly basis. His are primarily street bikes, designed for riding around down, not for the mountains, but simply for the streets and beaches of Sayulita and nearby areas.

He even has a tandem bike for rent, and better yet, surfers, he’s got on offer bikes with special, custom-made surfboard racks, built by him from his own design, so you can throw your board onboard, and head down to the surf, no gasoline required.Along with the side racks for individual boards, he’s got bike trailers that will tow kayaks, SUPs, or multiple numbers of surfboards. And he does have some brand new bikes for sale as well.

In another twist on the basic bike rental, try the lunch cycle, a bike with a built-in lunch box on the back end. Baldomero will rent you the bike and provide the lunch and beverage as well, making sure the food and drink is good and healthy fuel for cycling. He’s trying to make a living, yes, but he’s also trying to get a few more people out of their cars and onto his bikes, getting healthier, keeping the streets less clogged, and generally enhancing the good environmental vibe of Sayulita. Viva Sayubicla! On Revolucion just past Miramar. Email sayubicla@gmail.com, cel 322-122-2416, facebook.com/sayubicla.