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    Bird’s eye view of boutique hotel Playa Escondida

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    Horses on the beach on beautiful Playa Escondida

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    Playa Escondida is a great escape

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Is it for You?

Playa Escondida is unique—tucked into a private beachside jungle, with a couple of dozen rooms distinguished by organically inspired design, individually hand-crafted. Playa Escondida is not like any other hotel in Sayulita, or elsewhere. This is a special place, hidden away. When you come here you will find yourself far away from it all. There is plenty to do, and plenty of time to do nothing at all except watch the waves and sky. If this is what you seek, come here.

This hidden beach, a few coves south of Sayulita, is one of the secret gems of the Nayarit coast, and home to the exquisite, nature-inspired organic wonderland that is the Hotel Playa Escondida. A hotel without signage, without a map, one that has grown intuitively on its lush, beachfront site, Playa Escondida is a retreat even from the low-keyed “busyness” of Sayulita. Every guestroom is unique. The hotel spa offers a range of massages and treatments, the restaurant features an inspired, international and Mexican gourmet menu, and you can do internet (if you must) in the open air bar, where they often show movies at night.