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Not for Everybody

Take a path apart from the herd. Dream virgin waves, find them, ride them. This is Sayulita…is it for you?

Explore Your Desires

Let imagination move you as you explore the streets and byways, the trails and shores; find what you seek in a secret shop where the Day of the Dead comes to life, or where a surfboard gleams with your name writ upon it.

Map your path

Walk a beachfront road—discover a trail that tracks into a jungle ravine where butterflies float on a warm breeze; turn a street corner—find seven restaurants to choose from; look down the block—shops with clothes from the far corners of the earth.

Hammock or Palace

Sayulita’s most stylish people often spend their nights swaying in hammocks in coconut grove campgrounds, while more than a few of our scruffiest-looking citizens live in hilltop homes the size of a prince’s palace.

Warm Sea, Hot Sun

In winter’s depths the sea stays warm, the sun still hot, toasty enough to work the chill out of your north country bones as you ease into a balmy tropical climate…this is Sayulita.


Living In The Jungle, Living By The Sea

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Although people tend to think of Sayulita as a beach town and nothing else, those of us who live here would like to share a little secret: there are many modes of living here, and they are not all necessarily about living at the beach. Though everybody “lives at the beach” in the sense that the ocean is close by, no matter where you are, there are different environments, …

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Esto Es Mexico

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If you see the old-fashioned movie marquee on the southwest corner of the plaza in Sayulita, and wander over to check on the schedule for the movie called “Esto Es Mexico,” you’ll quickly discover—that this ain’t no theater. No movie theater anyway…but it is a kind of theater—a studio and theater of color and whimsy and original Mexican art, created by the owners of the store. Esto Es Mexico. …

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Art on the Street, Retail Style

Sayulita can be an eyeball blitz: for such a small town there is an amazing amount of visual energy. At times you can’t see the trees for the forest, as it were. The details disappear into the kaleidoscopic swirl of movement, color, people, cars, c >read more

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International Flights

Flights are frequent

Getting to Sayulita from the US or Canada is as easy as hopping on a plane in a frozen northern city, knocking back a few cocktails or beers, a book, or a nap, and getting off the plane in Puerto Vallarta 2 or 3 or 5 hours later, in the tropics, in the sun, in the land of languor, in what feels like a different world.

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Airport to Sayulita

Arriving in Puerto Vallarta

From the Puerto Vallarta international airport, you’ll drive or bus north on Hwy Mex 200. Sayulita is about 22 miles (36 km) north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. Upon exiting the airport follow the signs for Compostela and Tepic.

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Driving from Guadalajara

Driving through Mexico

The route from Guadalajara to Sayulita is easily marked with plenty of public road signs to Puerto Vallarta. Head west on the Cuota (toll hwy) towards Tequila. Continue for approximately 2 hours until the turnoff to Compostela. Continue for an hour on Hwy Mex 200 down the incredibly windy / curvy road to Las Varas and on ahead for another 45 minutes to km 123 marker and the Sayulita turnoff.

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Getting around Sayulita

Walking the streets of Sayulita

Sayulita is a small town, but steep hills and a mixed variety of streets—paved, cobbled, or just plain dirt roads–make getting around mildly challenging at times. But not really. There is no place not within walking distance, although hilltops and distant jungle outposts can seem a long ways off, especially at night.

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Puerto Vallarta VS Sayulita

The Vacation Throw Down

We love Puerto Vallarta, but we prefer Sayulita. This is where we live and work and wait for our guests to arrive. Whatever you choose, if you come here from the US or Canada or even Europe or Asia, you’ll be happy to soak up some sunshine for a week or two. We hope to see you here in Sayulita.

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Sayulita Home Map

Sayulita Home Map

This is where sayulita is on the map

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January 3, 2016