Where to Eat

If you don’t want to import a private chef, you’ll be heading downtown for dinner. And by down we mean way down, down the hill to Avenida Palmar and south into town. But not necessarily all the way to the plaza. Along with the few north side waterfront places there are now a number of good sidewalk cafes and restaurants closer to home, including a gourmet international restaurant, a pizza joint, a fish taco stand, a seafood café, and a German (Yes, German) restaurant.

Cerca del Cielo = Almost to Heaven
The north hills of Sayulita are much like the nosebleed section of your favorite stadium: up high, a bit of a hike, but oh, what a vista! Stunning sunsets and lovely homes are the mainstay of this neighborhood. Consider renting wheels or get in touch with your inner mountain goat — your million dollar view awaits!