What to Do

These hills are made for hiking: Gringo Hill has streets and stairways that’ll take you to the top, where the views are. If you weave your way around Ninos Heroes, eventually you’ll find yourself in the jungle, on the road to Playa Los Muertos or Playa Carricitos.

Gringo Hills refers to the hill known as Gringo Hill plus the small hills that flank Revolucion and Ninos Heroes, the two main streets running south out of downtown Sayulita. At their bases, you’ll find restaurants, bars, stores, and other interesting businesses; as you work your way up, the hills become residential, with a mix of small hotels, guest houses, and rental homes. Gringo Hill is primarily populated by, well…gringos, while the hills around Ninos Heroes house a mix of long time local Mexican nationals as well as a dense sprinkling of ex-pat Americans and Canadians—gringos!

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