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    Serene jungle road from Playa Los Muertos

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    The road from Sayulita to Los Muertos

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    Entrance to Villa Amor on the road to Los Muertos

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    Playa Los Muertos, a world unto itself

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    At Los Muertos you can get away from it all

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    One of Sayulita’s most appealing treasures

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What to do

Los Muertos is about two things: beach and graveyard. The beach is lovely, a small, secluded cove, sheltered from the big waves, with, at times, fine snorkeling around a few large rocks that poke up out of the water just offshore to the left of the beach. If you go, take snorkeling gear as well as food and drink for the day—it isn’t too far from town, but far enough that if you want to spend the day, you’ll not want to run back to town for supplies.

The graveyard is lovely in a different way. The people of Mexico honor their dead all the time and especially on The Day of The Dead in early November, when everybody comes to the graveyard to visit their dead relatives. The graveyard is on a hillside beneath a number of grand, tall trees, and with the light pouring through the branches, it is a serene and lovely place. If you’re headed to the beach out there, linger for a moment here, and enjoy the graves and their decorations, all bthed in warm sunlight pouring down through the trees.

That the beach of the dead should be so lovely and lively is a small irony, a Sayulita paradox. Down past the hilly graveyard, there’s a small stretch of sand between rocky points, a bit of Sayulita but a bit removed. Here, where the spirits of those nearby dead perhaps have gathered, the swimming is wonderful, for the sea is calm, and off the rocks to the left, the snorkeling is great, with swarming schools of brightly colored fish to admire. The walk through the graveyard is enchanting, for Mexicans love to spend time with their dead, and so they dress their family graves with flowers and finery; and when you get past the finery, you’ll find perhaps the finest beach in town.

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