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    Litibu’s entrance on the road

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    The elegant pool at Haixa is one of the biggest in Nayarit

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What to Do

What you do here is play golf, if you are a golfer, or hang out by the pool—the biggest, most beautiful pool in the neighborhood if not the state—if you are a golfer’s spouse. Swing a club or take a swim.

A few miles down the road from Sayulita towards Punta de Mita, find Litibu. You can’t miss it: there’s a grand entrance, with gates, sculptures, and fountains; and if you pass all that you’ll find Litibu’s real attraction: the excellent 18-hole golf course. Not quite as posh as the courses at Punta de Mita, Litibu’s is still a great one.

And should you have a non-golfing spouse along, the spa and especially the pool at Haixa are simply awesome, the pool being one of the largest in Nayarit. Should you happen to feel the need for something between the wondrous isolation of Playa Escondida and the lively bustle of Sayulita, try Litibu: for a reasonable day use fee, you can hang out there at the restaurant/bar, use the spa and pool, and catch up on American TV sports to your heart’s content.