Saturday,7 Feb 2015



This installment of “Sayulita Stories” focuses on beach and poolside boutique restaurant Playa Escondida. This little hideaway is the perfect answer to escape the dust and dog shit charm of Sayulita. For those not in the know, it is located a five minute cab ride away from the center of town.

Here you are surrounded by the sounds of waves and nature, not the mashed up collage of sounds that is Sayulita. There is a time and place for both, and street table service in Sayulita is charming and fun for sure, but when you are ready to elevate your dining experience, Chef David Navarro will take you to delightful heights not reached anywhere else in Sayulita.

I was privileged enough to aim my cameras at Chef David for a few days and of course sample everything I could. If you love great food as I do, and you can wrangle a reservation at the Playa Escondida restaurant, you’ll be sure to thank me for introducing you to him.

Food was one of the many lures that drew me to Mexico 10 years ago, so anytime I can focus on someone whose passion for their work dates back to Grandmas kitchen, I am all in!