Monday,31 Dec 2012


Justin Henderson is responsible for most of the the text on this site. Justin is an established writer, having published six novels as well as many non-fictions and travel guides. When he’s not writing, he’s usually riding waves on a surfboard or a paddleboard in Sayulita or Punta de Mita.


This week, with holidays on hand and the town filling up with visitors, live music has kicked in to gear around town: concerts and gigs are going down all over the place.

We caught a few last week. First, at the always rocking late night Don Pato’s (322-150-6350) on Friday night, a Mexican world beat/ska band called Destartalados played a few sets, and when the musica kicked in the dancers had a blast. What’s cool about Sayulita’s live music scene is, anything goes, and whoever shows up gets in. Los Destartalados were hitting some great beats–trumpet, two guitarists (one a left-handed girl, how cool is that), bass, drums, buncha skinny dudes hitting their marks, and a cool singer rapping and crooning it out en espanol. Not epic, but solid Latin rhythm for a Friday night. Good show, basic danceable rock n’ roll, everybody jumping. They play(ed) Don Pato’s again on December 29th.

Next night, we slipped in to watch a set by Guadalajaran musician Diego Chavez at Ingrata, a new restaurant on the north side, plunked into a space formerly occupied by a surf school. Now it’s a restaurant, with live music, on this occasion provided by Senor Chavez, a brilliant singer/songwriter, possibly on the verge of deserved stardom, whipping out some tunes on acoustic guitar. He’s a gifted writer, singer, and player, don’t miss it out, go hear a set when he comes back to town. His younger brother filled in with his own music between big brother’s sets, and sang beautifully.

They were both memorable. As is the décor in the restaurant, floors and walls painted by Diego’s wife Frieda. Yes, Frieda and Diego.

Performers come here for an audience, for recognition. Let’s give it to them.